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Masters of Light |
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Learn how to create stunning portraits with 3 of UK's multi-award winning photographers.

360 minutes of World Class video Tutorial to get you started in posing, composition, lighting, off-camera flash, SEO, Video Marketing and much much more...

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Master of Light Photography Webinar Series The ‘Masters of Light’ Photography Webinar Series is unlike any other! This series is all about you. You’ll learn simple composition, how to light your subject in any environment, elements of posing, off-camera flash, using video light, window light and much much more…

Not only you’ll brush up your photography skills, you’ll turbo-charge your online marketing activities by learning some incredible SEO techniques using You Tube, how to research keywords, how to come up higher in Google search results, fine tuning your website & blog with the essential & ‘must have’ plugins and how to use social media to get more FREE & targeted traffic.

Course Content Includes:

Elements of Posing
Most photographers struggle with posing and this can make or break the image. The other important factor in posing your subjects is to communicate with them in a manner they understand and also feel comfortable to pose in. Remember, they are not professional models, so you need to make them feel good and natural and how to educate your clients.

Video Marketing
You Tube is now the 2nd biggest search engine & the 3rd biggest website in the world. Almost half the traffic on the net is now video traffic! Have you started video marketing your photography business yet? If not, you are missing out on free traffic to your website. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create videos, slideshows using still images, create web ready video files, distribute your video to some of the biggest video sharing websites on the net, how to tag & get your videos indexed in You Tube. You’ll learn some very cool tips, tricks & techniques to get video marketing underway without any need to learn any HTML!!

Master Off-Camera Flash
Learn how to effortlessly create your own ‘studio’ on-location with minimal equipment & kit. You’ll learn how to totally control your flash gun in manual mode and how to quickly shoot ‘creatively’ with directional lighting. You’ll see the various set ups and images shot at portraits & weddings.

Lighting Essentials
Learn different concepts of lighting, straight forward lighting patterns, how to create images using a single light approach, what is broad, short & beauty lighting. Quite often one does not have much control on what light you’ll get when on-location. Learn how to ‘see’ the light and get the best out of any situation you encounter.

Free Traffic To Your Site
Everyone wants to get more & free traffic to their website. The problem is that there are tens of thousands of websites out their competing against your site. So how do you beat your competitors and rank higher above them in Google.

About The Tutors

Martin Grahame-Dunn
Martin has been in the industry for over 30 years covering many aspects of Professional Photography including Industrial, Commercial, Automotive, Advertising, Fashion, Editorial, Wedding photography & Portraiture.

Over almost the entire period of his professional career he has been actively engaged in the training of photographers from the four corners of the world covering every major discipline. A highly respected trainer and judge with so many Professional Organisations, the Fuji Professional School of Photography, the Kodak European Gold Circle and many of the worlds leading representative bodies.

Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson is a reciepient of no less than 17 Kodak European Awards. He honed his photographic skills to encompass the current trends demanded by buyers of wedding and portrait photography today. The foundation of good photography is based on lighting and composition, this coupled with available light and the use of various reflectors and diffusers is where Kevin has developed his own style and brand of classical work with a contemporary twist.

Kevin, is the only photographer to achieve multiple fellowships, in portrait and wedding, all with natural light, both with the Master Photographers Association and the British Institute of Professional Photography. In total he has 7, plus PPOA Mcr.

Uzair Kharawala

Uzair Kharawala is a full-time professional photographer. He runs SF Digital Photography with his wife Farzana since 2022 and is also the creator of the award-winning photography studio management software Foto SF . Uzair has photographed & given seminars in various countries including Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Cyprus, Ireland & Denmark.

He has been an ‘Evangelist’ for Nikon for the past 5 years and is a regular ‘Guest Speaker’ at major photography conventions & trade shows. He has worked with and presented for some of the biggest names in the photography industry including Nikon, onOne Software, Calumet, Warehouse Express, Focus-on-Imaging, PhotoVision Roadshows, Apple Store London to name a few. His work is regularly featured in top photography magazines, journals, websites & blogs

Masters of Light Webinar Series

Uzair presenting seminars at various Events.

The Lighting Essentials webinar was fantastic, really makes you realise how much you need to pay attention to detail with light, it was a great webinar, the information and learning from this were great.

Another great webinar thanks so much guys, really appreciate it. Nice one Oz, cant wait to replay this again to help take it in better.

John-Paul Stevenson

“Just downloaded and unzipped the 6 webinars, absolutely brilliant, must be the bargain of the year, incredible value for money and so utterly absorbing. A big thank you to you three guys,you bounce of each other so well and make it all a lot of fun for us to learn.Having the webinars immediatly available to go over as often as you like is sooooo good. Thank you”

Terry Wallis

“I have been enjoying the webinars. I signed up to improve my photography as I am an enthusiastic amateur with no plans to set up a photography business in the short term, so I did not think the marketing sessions would be very relevant, but they were so useful. We are about to set up a blog / website for our daughter who is a makeup artist. She is moving up to the Midlands so needs to develop more freelance work. We will be incorporating tips gained from your webinars! Thanks.”

Course Includes:

  • Six x 60 minutes of webinars
  • Essential elements of composition
  • What is positive & negative space
  • Understanding light
  • Getting to grips with short, broad, split & beauty lighting
  • How to ‘see’ the light
  • Elements of posing
  • Simple ways to pose your subjects
  • Master off-camera flash
  • How to set up a portable studio on location
  • Drive free traffic to your site via YouTube & Social Media
  • How to research your keywords for your website
  • What are short & long tail keywords
  • Understanding Broad / Phrase / Exact matches
  • and much much more…

The Masters of Light Series

6 x 60 minutes of webinars

Quicktime format will play on any computer. Mac or PC.

Instant download. Around 500MB. May take between 20-30 mins
depending on the speed of your broadband

Normal Price US$97

Now only US$67

Contact Details:

SF Digital
Grovebury Road
Leighton Buzzard
Beds LU7 4TP

Email: info [at] sfdigital.co.uk

Twitter: @sfphotoschool
Facebook: www.fb.com/sfphotoschool