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Online Photography Courses | Learn Portrait Photography |
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The Big Picture – Online Photography Course


Are you looking to take your portrait & wedding photography business to the next level ? Do you want to brush up on your photography skills, turbo charge your marketing activities and improve your  image editing skills?

Over 35+ hours of world class tutorials from 10 of UK’s top portrait & wedding photographers to get you started in posing, composition, lighting, off-camera flash, SEO, WordPress, Video Marketing and much much more…

Course Content Includes:

Getting Ready to Click
Whether you are shooting with ambient, flash or continuous light, you will be showcased images and discussed in detail the merits of each type of lighting. When, why, where to use a certain type & kind of light source to get the best results.

Elements of Posing
Most photographers struggle with posing and this can make or break the image. The other important factor in posing your subjects is to communicate with them in a manner they understand and also feel comfortable to pose in. Remember, they are not professional models, so you need to make them feel good and natural and how to educate your clients.

Video Marketing
You Tube is now the 2nd biggest search engine & the 3rd biggest website in the world. Almost half the traffic on the net is now video traffic! Have you started video marketing your photography business yet? If not, you are missing out on free traffic to your website. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create videos, slideshows using still images, create web ready video files, distribute your video to some of the biggest video sharing websites on the net, how to tag & get your videos indexed in You Tube. You’ll learn some very cool tips, tricks & techniques to get video marketing underway without any need to learn any HTML!!

Advanced Blog / Master WordPress
77 videos / 278 mins. Most photographers use WordPress the WRONG way ! You then get frustrated as you don’t see any rankings in Google and think that blogging is a waste of time. You will learn everything from installation, how to use the Dashboard, creating posts & pages, blogroll links, creating backups, using Google Analytics to track traffic and much much more…

Make Money Blogging
19 videos / 130 mins. You will learn how to ‘monetize’ your blog / website to earn money while you sleep. This module covers a quick start guide to Google Adsense, setting up  & using Adsense, finding and joining profitable affiliate programs so you can set up ads & banners on your site. Setting up a membership site is also covered.

Home Portraits
It’s all about the pride of ownership of the family, belongings and their surroundings. This type of portraiture is more difficult and more challenging because every home will be different with its own unique beauty and problems to overcome.

Portrait Consultation
Educating the public in advance of the session is half the job. From the moment of contact with your prospective customer, whether that be on the phone or at a trade fair, you need to educate your client how to get the best out of the portrait session. If your client turn up on the session unprepared, then it’s your fault.

Editing & Post-Processing
A streamlined workflow defines whether you make a profit or a loss. Take too long and all your profits drain away ! You will learn post-processing workflow for portraits & weddings in Photoshop, Lightroom 3 & Aperture 3. 

Pricing, Promotions & Products 
No matter how good you are at taking portraits, if you don’t get your pricing, promotions & products right, you will struggle for survival. In this economic climate where the customer is reluctant to spend the cash, you need to send out ‘irresistible’ offers which your clients can’t refuse and still make money!

Master Off-Camera Flash
Learn how to effortlessly create your own ‘studio’ on-location with minimal equipment & kit. You’ll learn how to totally control your flash gun in manual mode and how to quickly shoot ‘creatively’ with directional lighting. You’ll see the various set ups and images shot at portraits & weddings.

Lighting Essentials
Learn different concepts of lighting, straight forward lighting patterns, how to create images using a single light approach, what is broad, short & beauty lighting. Quite often one does not have much control on what light you’ll get when on-location. Learn how to ‘see’ the light and get the best out of any situation you encounter.

Free Traffic To Your Site
Everyone wants to get more & free traffic to their website. The problem is that there are tens of thousands of websites out their competing against your site. So how do you beat your competitors and rank higher above them in Google.

SEO & Link Building
17 videos / 278 mins. Most photographers blindly set up a website & start blogging without doing any keyword research. You will learn how to use the Google Keyword Tool, how to input keywords on your site / blog to optimise it for Google. Subjects like building links, autoblogging, article marketing and monitoring your search engine rankings are all covered.

List Building / Email Marketing
13 videos / 68 mins. Every marketeer will say this ‘The money is in the list’. You will NEVER make any money if you don’t have a database of emails who you can market to. You will learn how to turbo-charge your online marketing, how to create a sequence of emails which go out to your contacts automatically at the specified intervals.

Social Media
14 videos / 64 mins. Love it or hate it, Facebook, Twitter and the lot are here to stay ! This module covers introduction to Twitter, creating lists, organising followers, using retweet, embedding twitter posts, Facebook for blogs, adding ‘LIKE’ button to your site, what is a ‘Fan Box’,

The Thought Process
How to visualise an image before you click the shutter. This includes some very important factors like location, styling & make-up, props, lighting, shooting with the right lens, etc

Environmental Portraits
This is the most challenging of all types of portraiture, as you have to work with the added problems of the weather. Environmental portraiture is not just people outdoors; it is about people in their environment, not just pretty grounds. You need to learn how to select the area, clothing, posing, lighting, composition & exposure.

Managing & Marketing Your Business 
Most photographers struggle badly with managing & marketing their business. They bleed cash from convoluted administration & poor day to day management. You will learn a simple & streamlined workflow for managing your offline & online marketing activities and where you should focus your marketing muscles to help you avoid all these hurdles.

Lead Generation Techniques 
This is the bottle neck where most photography businesses get snookered. Spending all your cash on magazine advertising & trade shows is not the answer. You need to be very smart as to how you get your leads in your business and mostly importantly, how to convert them into sales

How to Create Classical & Timeless Portraits
4 hours with Faye & Trevor Yerbury

Photography Webinars

Are you struggling with your portrait photography ? Not sure how to create images which have the ‘Wow’ factor without having to learn complicated lighting set ups. Here is a webinar series with one of the industry’s true ‘Masters’ with a reputation going back over 100 years and 4 generations, an online digital photography training you cannot afford to miss out on

4 hours of inspirational & superb online photography webinar course. Featuring some of the very best work shot by Faye & Trevor Yerbury, you will learn how to create incredible images using simple lighting techniques which your clients will love. Simple lighting set ups, techniques & tips will be shared by Trevor & Faye as to how they create their ‘signature’ images.

Portrait categories covered are kids, boudoir, fine art nudes, fashion & environmental portraits.


The Masters of Light

6 hours with Kevin Wilson, Martin Grahame-Dunn & Uzair Kharawala

In 111 years of The British Institute of Professional Photographers’ (BIPP) history, 
only 1 man has ever held 3 Fellowships in 3 different categories, this accolade 
belongs to Kevin Wilson FBIPP


Makeover Photoshoot The ‘Masters of Light’ Photography Webinar Series is unlike any other! This series is all about you. You’ll learn simple composition, how to light your subject in any environment, elements of posing, off-camera flash, using video light, window light and much much more…  Not only you’ll brush up your photography skills, you’ll turbo-charge your online marketing activities by learning some incredible SEO techniques using You Tube, how to research keywords, how to come up higher in Google search results, fine tuning your website & blog with the essential & ‘must have’ plugins and how to use social media to get more FREE & targeted traffic.



The Lighting Essentials webinar was fantastic, really makes you realise how much you need to pay attention to detail with light, it was a great webinar, the information and learning from this were great.

Another great webinar thanks so much guys, really appreciate it. Nice one Oz, cant wait to replay this again to help take it in better.

John-Paul Stevenson

“Just downloaded and unzipped the webinars, absolutely brilliant, must be the bargain of the year, incredible value for money and so utterly absorbing. A big thank you to you guys, you bounce of each other so well and make it all a lot of fun for us to learn. Having the webinars immediately available to go over as often as you like is sooooo good. Thank you”

Terry Wallis
Mystical & Fantasy Portraits
4 hours with Clare Louise & Vincent O’Byrne

Mystical & Fantasy Portrait Photography You will learn incredible portrait photography tips to create ‘masterpieces’ with a little bit of imagination and some simple Photoshop tips & tricks. In this webinar series Vincent & Clare will teach you how to create superb ‘fine art fantasy’ images with little or no Photoshop skills or knowledge! How to create art which you can sell to your clients for a premium fee and make you stand out from your competition. You will be creating incredible imagery once you see how easy it is to create fantastic images like these.

Regardless of where you are or what you do, you will learn to create magic which can be created absolutely anywhere with easy & simple portrait photography lighting tips. Most of the images shown above have been shot with only 1 light. You simply have to see it….and believe it. You will learn to create the most sensual & exquisite images that can hang as pieces of art or sit as a book of memoirs.


The Art & Business of Portrait Photography
6 hours with Ray Lowe

Portrait_Photography_Webinar_1 A unique & intriguing 4 hours online portrait photography course where Ray shares all his experience & secrets on how he has managed to stay on top of his game for such a long time. This unmissable webinar series will educate & entertain you like never before. Ray is famous for speaking his mind and he says what he believes in!

Ray has been selling portraits for over 37 years and will teach you how to give out ‘irresistible’ offers your clients cannot refuse. Most photographers cringe on the word of ‘discount’ & ‘free’. See how Ray uses these words very cleverly to upsell, downsell, cross sell all types of products to increase the bottom line.

No matter how good you are as a photographer, if you can’t promote & market your business, you have no business. Ray will discuss two main types of marketing, direct & scatter. Before going off and spending huge sums of money on advertising, just hear what Ray has to say and you will be a lot wiser before you waste your hard earned cash. You will also learn how to answer phones and have the right telephone etiquette, learn the power of having a database, selling your work, customer relations, promotions, the post session & pre-viewing handover, how to create a desire for your client to buy from you.

Ray Lowe has seen off 4 recessions during his glittering career and has run his photography studio & business very successfully for over 37 years. 
The Art of Wedding Photography
6 hours with Uzair Kharawala, Crash Taylor & Jayce Clarke

The Ice Hotel, Sweden © Uzair Kharawala The work flow dictates whether you make a profit or a loss on a wedding. Take too long in front of the computer and all your profits will drain away. Are you confused whether to shoot 500 images or 2000 + images at a wedding, well you’re not alone on this. So many photographers take unnecessarily high number of images which pretty much locks them in front of the computer for a week! You’ll see 3 different shooting, editing & post-processing work flows by each one of us using Lightroom 3 & Aperture 3.

If you are looking to start a wedding photography business or wish to take your existing wedding photography business to the next level, brush up on your photographic skills and super charge your marketing & business acumen, then this webinar series is not to be missed. Various tips, tricks & techniques of complete wedding workflow, equipment you need, software you require and more. 3 different photographers showcasing 3 different & unique styles to photograph a wedding. Over 360 minutes of high quality tuition in the comfort of your own home.

 Topics covered are Engagement photography, Off-camera flash at weddings, how not to forget key shots at wedding, editing & post-processing workflow. 


Beginners Guide to Wedding Photography
6 hours with Uzair Kharawala

Wedding Photography Tips Do you aspire to become a wedding photographer but don’t know how to get started on setting up a wedding photography business ? You will learn everything you need to know to get ahead in this very highly competitive market. You need to document a complete and beautiful story of someone’s best day of their lives. It is a challenge to capture those important moments each and every time without having to be lucky! You’ll learn Oz’s shooting process as to how effortlessly you’ll shoot a wedding from start to finish to capture those magical moments for your clients. You’ll see how to shoot a wedding right from the bridal preparations up to the first dance, getting the ‘safe’ shots in the bag first and also creating some masterpieces along the way.

You also get these 3 fantastic DVDs from Kevin Wilson & Martin Grahame-Dunn as your BONUS worth over $150.00.



DVD 1: The Wedding Workout by Martin Grahame-Dunn

Topics covered include portable lighting solutions, setting the scene, the ‘little white card’, it all begins with the feet, animating your subject, shooting in difficult light, searching for ‘topshade’, off-camera flash, short & broad light, bridal portraits, putting the groom in the picture, creating group shots and more.




DVD 2: Back to Basics: Compostion by Martin Grahame-Dunn

 Topics covered include basics of composition, pre-visualisation, imaging by design, kit, clothing, props & accessories, location recce and more.

DVD 3: Conception, Capture & Control by Kevin Wilson

 An inspirational tutorial from one of the UK’s most prolific portrait photographers. A rare opportunity to obtain an insight into how Kevin Wilson creates his multi award winning images, demonstrating use of light to transform the mundane to a stunning art piece. This dvd is aimed at the photographer that would like to enhance their location lighting skills with the aid of reflectors in available light. It also shows a section on fine art printing, an avant garde portrait session, bridal shoots and a critique of selected images I have taken, this is skilfully done by one of this countries most respected judges, Dennis Hylander FMPA, FBIPP, FRPS.

“To be able to do wedding and portraint photography at this level is very special”
Dennis Hylander FMPA FBIPP FRPS



Ray Lowe
Ray has mentored hundreds, probably thousands of photographers to improve their photography and their business (including myself). He has judged photographic competitions all over the world, won many awards & fellowships from all major photographic associations.
He has run his studio for over 37 years and is one of UK’s oldest studios running at present. – Hon FBIPP – Hon FMPA (the only person EVER to be awarded both Hons) FRPS – Master & Craftsman of PPA…
– Past President of BIPP / MPA
– Past Chairman of BIPP & FEP qualification panel
– Past Chairman of Kodak European Gold award Panels
– Winner of 9 European Gold Awards
– Current member of MPA qualifications panel
– International judge

Faye & Trevor Yerbury
Internationally acclaimed & renowned Faye & Trevor need no introduction. Yerbury business dates back over 4 generations, Faye & Trevor constantly reinvent themselves with fresh approaches to their art – and challenging diversion within the social portraiture genus. No stranger to the media, Faye & Trevor have been interviewed about their individual style of photography on national television by Noel Edmonds for the BBC, Carol Smillie for ITV and Paul Ross for SKY. He is a regular contributor to BBC radio arts programmes.

Trevor holds a total of 14 Kodak European Gold Awards. His recent SWPP awards include UK Glamour Photographer 2006 and UK Fashion Photographer 2006.
Four years ago Trevor Yerbury was voted one of the world’s top ten photographers by a leading Spanish magazine…despite having once declared: “I won’t shoot the wedding if the bride isn’t beautiful”.

Clare Louise
With such a distinct style and a true perfectionist, Clare Louise has gained many top awards for her work – Winning Photographer of the Year for the West Midlands Master Photographers Association more than once, and recently the coveted  2011 Master Photography Awards Best UK Portfolio Photographer of the Year.  To view Clare Louise’s portfolio of awards visit the awards page.

Clare Louise works with a variety of photography including wedding, portrait and fashion photography. Recently awarded the coveted  2011 Master Photography Awards Best UK Portfolio Photographer of the Year.

Vincent O’Byrne
Based in Ireland, Vincent is one of the leading commercial & portrait photographer creating true ‘masterpieces’. A Fellow of the Master Photographer Assosciation (MPA) and the IPPA, Vincent fuses photography & Photoshop to create stunning pieces of artwork. He is a true master of high end digital retouching. Receipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Kodak Gold Award.

Crash Taylor
In only a few short years as a professional photographer Crash Taylor has become one of the finest wedding photographers. In 2009, he was voted one of the UK’s top 10 winter wedding photographers by Professional Photographer magazine.

In 2010, he became editor-at-large of Professional Photographers new magazine Turning Pro and is a regular contributor to Professional Photographer and Photography Monthly magazines. He is the innovative author of two highly acclaimed photography blogs, providing fascinating insights into the creative process of the world’s top photographers and serves as a source of inspiration to photographers worldwide. He photographs 30 wedding adventures each year and has captured weddings in Spain, France, Finland and Hawaii. Although Crash’s greatest joy is spending quality time with his wife and young son, he somehow makes time in his hectic schedule to teach workshops and seminars, which are in great demand throughout the UK and internationally.

Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson is a recipient of no less than 17 Kodak European Awards. Kevin was recently awarded his ‘Honorary Felllowship of The British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP). He honed his photographic skills to encompass the current trends demanded by buyers of wedding and portrait photography today. The foundation of good photography is based on lighting and composition, this coupled with available light and the use of various reflectors and diffusers is where Kevin has developed his own style and brand of classical work with a contemporary twist.

Kevin, is the only photographer to achieve multiple fellowships, in portrait and wedding, all with natural light, both with the Master Photographers Association and the British Institute of Professional Photography. In total he has 7, plus PPOA Mcr.

Martin Grahame-Dunn
Martin has been in the industry for over 30 years covering many aspects of Professional Photography including Industrial, Commercial, Automotive, Advertising, Fashion, Editorial, Wedding photography & Portraiture.

Over almost the entire period of his professional career he has been actively engaged in the training of photographers from the four corners of the world covering every major discipline. A highly respected trainer and judge with so many Professional Organisations, the Fuji Professional School of Photography, the Kodak European Gold Circle and many of the worlds leading representative bodies.

Uzair Kharawala
Uzair Kharawala is a full-time professional photographer. He runs SF Digital Photography with his wife Farzana since 2022 and is also the creator of the award-winning photography studio management software Foto SF . Uzair has photographed & given seminars in various countries including Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Cyprus, Ireland & Denmark.

He has been an ‘Evangelist’ for Nikon for the past 5 years and is a regular ‘Guest Speaker’ at major photography conventions & trade shows. He has worked with and presented for some of the biggest names in the photography industry including Nikon, onOne Software, Calumet, Warehouse Express, Focus-on-Imaging, PhotoVision Roadshows, Apple Store London to name a few. His work is regularly featured in top photography magazines, journals, websites & blogs

”  King of Cool 
Photo Pro Magazine

”  Master of the art of wireless flash 
Digital SLR Magazine

“  We work with Oz on a regular basis and love his simple to follow training techniques, both as a photographer and as a businessman. His enthusiasm is second to none and best of all he is always coming out with new ideas & concepts to help photographers improve their business.  ” 
Bob Campbell, onOne Software

Jayce Clarke
Jayce is based in the North West of England and runs a successful photography business covering weddings & portraiture. He is a regular speaker for Calumet UK and runs a series of seminars & workshops for them which are in very high demand.

Jayce follows his passion of fashion photography and this is quite evident in his wedding photography work. Jayce’s understanding of lighting is second to none and you’ll enjoy his relaxed and friendly approach to teaching which are both fun and very informative

How to Create Classical & Timeless Portrait – 4 Hours
Masters of Light – 6 Hours 
Mystical & Fantasy Portraits – 4 Hours
The Art & Business of Portrait Photography – 4 Hours
The Art of Wedding Photography – 6 Hours
Beginners Guide to Wedding Photography – 6 Hours
WordPress & Online Marketing – 5 Hours

BONUS DVD 1 - The Wedding Workout 
BONUS DVD 2 – Back to Basics: Composition
BONUS DVD 3 – Conception, Capture & Control

(Normal Price $667)