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Do you want to tap into the lucrative ‘Lifestyle Portrait’ Photography market?

Are you someone who is interested in making money from digital portrait photography without the added & expensive costs of running a studio?

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Free Portrait Photography Report

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 A no-non sense behind the scenes look at how to make profit from Digital Portrait Photography working from home.

You will learn how to operate a successful & thriving business from home.

Whether you are a beginner, experienced, part or full-time photographer, this report will unlock the secrets to profitable portrait photography.


You will learn:

  • how to start a home portrait studio business
  • outdoor photography tips
  • portraiture photography
  • what camera, lens, computer, software you require
  • lighting on-location with minimal of equipment
  • how to use available ambient light
  • off-camera flash techniques
  • how to capture great portraits on-location
  • learn work flow for shooting as well as post-processing
  • online & offline marketing
  • and much much more….

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  1. Stefan Bojanowski
    889 days ago

    Fantastically straight forward, common sense approach, invaluable info concisely presented.

    well done & thanks


  2. john smith
    946 days ago

    pls send me the link

  3. Debbie Walatara
    958 days ago

    cannot find link for free book??

  4. Mike Wiltshire
    1149 days ago

    Thanks for my free copy of the e-book. I would say that the best feedback I can give you is that I was so satisfied and inspired by the freebie that I’ve just ordered the full version. Thanks again and I look forward to more rewarding visits to your site.

  5. Lee Skillern
    1151 days ago

    We’ve not received an e-mail? Looks like it’s broken. Thanks Oz

    • Uzair Kharawala
      1148 days ago

      Hi Lee
      The link is working fine. Please check your email with the download link or enter your details again. Thanks for your interest.

  6. Gerard Haughey
    1189 days ago

    Hi Oz,

    Sent my contact details but have not received ebook. Can you please send me the download link.

    Thanks – Ger

    • Uzair Kharawala
      1189 days ago

      Hi Gerrard
      You should have received an email with the link. I’ve also sent you an email with the link.
      Thanks for your interest.

    1189 days ago

    please send me a link to download the book. thank you.

    • Uzair Kharawala
      1189 days ago

      Hi Julia
      You should have received an email with the download link. Let me know if you haven’t received it.

      Best Wishes

  8. Riyaz Mamdani
    1192 days ago

    Many thanks for your email, and I would like to thank you for the very informative ebok. I am just getting into Portrait Photography, and have just purchased a Nikon SB900. I own a Nikon D90, and also had the opportunity to meet you and also buy your DVD at the last Focus on Imaging event.

  9. Bharat
    1253 days ago

    I have purchased your Portrait Photography Secret. Could not stop reading it from beginning to end. Great product.
    Value for money.

    After reading your Portrait Photography Secrets ebook…
    I am really looking forward to checking out Foto SF. So far, you have made a clear point of Keeping It Simple
    and you sound like a genuinely good man.

    I am very impressed with your business acumen and it’s application to photography profession.

    In less than a day of introduction – I have joined ‘The Oz Followers Group’. You have certainly challenged my
    business philosophy and have succeeded in paradigm shift. It opens up a new perspective – and immediately
    made me realise everyone is a prospect no matter what the income level one possess.

    Thank you.

  10. Peter Dewhirst
    1265 days ago

    I liked your e-book and in fact like most of the educational stuff you put up. Why, well because I think it just addresses the necessary stuff and is not ‘fluffed out’ by unnecessary wording just to pad it out. Like your courses they are straight to the point and not to full of waffle which is what I like. I tend to get bored if items go on to long, yours don’t.

  11. Jonathan Trueman
    1285 days ago

    I found the ebook very useful as it reminded me of some of the salient points from a course of yours I attended which I also much appreciated. I have put some of your advice into action, the next stage is to make my home page a blog.

    I am currently viewing the tutorials associated with your foto sf software and have downloaded the program to trial. Hopefully I will get my teeth into it next week.

    Looking forward to the Webinar.

  12. Kevin Casha
    1311 days ago

    Your e book on running a photography business makes very interesting reading. Even with over 30 years in the business, you still touched on various areas which can help my business improve and make its day to day running much more smoother and organized as well as give my clients better service and value for money. Really a case of one always having space to improve and fine tune his photography operations. Regards Kevin Casha FMIPP FSWPP

  13. Clifton Beard
    1323 days ago

    I have read through your 145-page ebook “Portrait photography Secrets”.

    I currently have a full time job. I sell landscape prints and have done a bit of portrait and wedding photography with a partner, with nice results.  I too use Nikon and their CLS system so I  can relate to how it works.  In summary, I am pretty handy with my camera technique and understanding how it all works but a hopeless businessman!

    The ebook is very readable and not the sort of thing you need to keep breaking from to regain concentration or your sanity.  It is a one-stop shop as a concentrated guide for those seeking to understand how to use their technique and equipment to good effect and then critically being able to operate as an efficient and viable business.  It is not a way out of hard work, but should help make that hard work worthwhile. 

    As far as kit and photographic technique are concerned I like your mantra of keeping things simple and effective, especially with lightweight and simple solutions like a single flash with umbrella  or softbox for on location work using flash.  The images showing both the set-up and the resulting images are definitely a great idea, as are the variety of single and group portraits in various places, showing what is possible with a bit of imagination and without going far away.

    You emphasise using manual exposure mode too, which I have found key to understanding exposure and critical for flash work utilising ambient light  Its good to see you discussing the possibilities afforded by using FP high speed sync, which I have found awesome for fill flash in outdoor situations.  
    You are clearly very astute as a businessman and your tips for making a business viable and efficient certainly offer a valuable and steep learning curve for someone like me.  I was very interested to read the section on using a low-price offer that seems completely non-viable (£75) and actually showing how it can be profitable in itself but also blossoms into further business and opportunities.  This may be a good starting point for someone starting out who doesn’t have the clout or reputation to offer a premium product but who could easily use this model.  I again like your philosophy of keeping it simple…no fancy studios, excessive kit, customer viewing sessions, employment of staff.  Its a model anyone like me could actually use.  The section on best-use of the online resources now available is certainly an eye-opener as is the idea of collaborating with other businesses to mutual benefit and using the press.

    I will continue to digest the business section as for me that is where the most learning is to be found and where I am most limited.

    Thanks for the ebook am sure many great photographers are poor businessmen, so we never get to see them.  Some are distinctly average photographers but good businessmen, so we sometimes get to see them.  You are one of the few who is a great photographer and businessman, so this resource should be very valuable to anyone hoping to also develop a viable business in photography.

  14. Simon Walker
    1323 days ago

    I downloaded the free e-book and read it all straight away, it is full of useful information and tips which left me wanting more!
    I have now purchased the full version and am looking forward to putting the advice in to practice – getting my flash kit together now!

    Thank you

  15. Fergus Kelly
    1324 days ago

    I’ve just read your ebook and as usual found it both interesting and enlightening, I particularly enjoyed the section on off camera flash an area I’ve started to experiment with but haven’t used at a wedding yet, but having read your article I think I will give it a go at my next wedding. Just to let you know some images did not appear on the pdf in around page 58 onwards, maybe it was my computer but I just thought I’d let you know.
    Thanks again for your insights and best wishes with your ebook.

  16. vicki
    1325 days ago

    Ditto – can’t find the link!

    • Uzair Kharawala
      1324 days ago

      Apologies to those who didn’t get the link earlier on. The problem is fixed. Please fill in the form above and enter your name & email. You’ll get the link straight away.

  17. Claire Plumridge
    1325 days ago

    I have started reading through it and so far it has been really informative even though I am a canon user! I like the way you have put in lots of photographs to show the different lighting set-ups. Looks like there is some really interesting and useful information.

  18. Laurence Jones
    1325 days ago

    Overall, its useful. The sections on marketing are great eg. inclusion of marketing pieces. These sections are worth the price alone. Infact the ebook improved the further I read through it.

  19. David Downward
    1325 days ago

    The content is first class and I shall keep the copy on my computer for reference.

  20. Siobhan Quigley
    1325 days ago

    Really enjoyed the ebook, it was well written, concise and I think you got the balance of text and pictures right.
    I actually read the book in one go, even though I planned to read it over several days. Found it very helpful as I am in the process of starting a photography business myself.
    All in all well done and it will be a source of reference that I can go back to again.

  21. Uzair Kharawala
    1325 days ago

    You should you received an email with the link. Let me know if you still haven’t received it.

  22. Neil Gordon
    1326 days ago

    I found it a very interesting read with lots of very good ideas. 

    As we operate a studio, we prefer to get clients to come here but a lot of the ideas were useful. What I was particularly interested in was the web information and created accounts with the Social Networking sites on your list. I already blog. I am trying to get in to Facebook and Twitter – do you use Twitter a lot?

  23. Peter Arciero
    1326 days ago

    cant find a link to download the book

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